Frequent Questions

Sparkler FAQs

What would I use sparklers for at my wedding?

Sparklers can be used as party favors, center pieces, for fun  pictures, for an amazing cake entrance and/or ,the most popular use,the  grand sparkler sendoff.

What size sparklers do I need for my wedding?

The #20 wedding sparklers are the perfect addition to any wedding. They are a great value for a  beautiful effect. For weddings of over 100 people,use them for your send  off. You may want to consider 2 per guest. Burns for about 90 seconds.

The #36 wedding sparklers burn for about 3 minutes making them photographers preferred send off  sparklers. The "sparkle" time will allow you to light the sparklers,  arrange the guests and still have time for the perfect send-off. Great  for large weddings of over 100 guests.


How many sparklers do I need?

If you are using the sparklers for your big send off, you want to  make sure there is at least one sparkler per guest. If you are using the  smaller sparklers and your budget allows, you may want two per guest.  If you are using your sparklers as a wedding favor, consider giving a  sleeve of sparklers. The #10 sparklers come in sleeves of 6.

How do my guests light their sparklers?

You can use a butane lighter, a bbq lighter, a propane torch but the  best way is to use another sparkler! We suggest designating a few people  (family members or bridal party) to go around and help other guests  light their sparklers by touching the sparkler to your guests' sparkler.  

What color are the sparklers?

Wedding sparklers have a silver/gray metal handle. When they are lit, they burn with gold sparks.

Are your wedding sparklers smokeless?

Unfortunately,  there is no such thing as a completely smokeless sparkler. Our wedding  sparklers are considered a low smoke sparklers.   

What are the sparkler tags?

We offer standard saying sparkler tags and custom sparkler tags which  can include your names and date of your wedding. Place the tags on the  sparklers and lay them out at every place setting or in a big vase to  make a pretty center piece. Purchase a sign to let everyone know what  time you are doing the big send off.

Do we light the sparklers with the tags on them?

No. Make sure to take the tags off the sparklers before lighting  them. The tags are made out of paper and can catch fire if not removed.  Besides, tags make a nice keepsake!


Can I use sparklers where I live?

Each state has a different set of Laws. Besides state laws, there can  be local restrictions. For this information contact your local Fire  Marshals Office. Make sure to also check that your event location allows  sparklers. Customers assume full responsibility and all liabilities for  the possession and use of products purchased.

Sparklers Sizes and Burn Time


Item NameLengthBurn Time
#14 Wedding Sparklers13.5 Inches
75 Seconds
#20 Wedding Sparklers17.5 Inches
80 Seconds
#36 Wedding Sparklers35 Inches
3 Minutes
Heart Shape Sparklers11 in long, 3.5in wide
60 Seconds