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- We offer quality wedding sparklers at a much cheaper price than our competition

You don't need to spend a lot of money making your wedding memorable. Our wedding sparklers will help create memories for you and your guests that will last a lifetime no matter what your budget is.

Plus, we offer FREE SHIPPING on all of our products!

- All of our wedding sparklers are low smoke sparklers

Our wedding sparklers have a metal handle and burn with gold sparks. This creates much less smoke than traditional sparklers.  By using these sparklers, your wedding photos will not be ruined by excess smoke. 

- We carry every size wedding sparkler including the long 36 inch gold sparklers

No matter the size of your wedding (or the size of your budget), we have wedding sparklers that will work for you.  Browse through our site to learn about the different size sparklers and the different burn times.

- Sparklers can only be shipped ground so order early!

Unfortunately, we can not by law offer expedited shipping.  Please visit our shipping page for estimated delivery times by state.